YA Wednesday: A Teen Story Writing Challenge, What is Wattpad, What NOT To Do When Writing YA Books, Why Teen Girls Roll Their Eyes, and Latte Butterbeer

Lately, every time I get going on my writing I kill the buzz by thinking about what I’m doing wrong. When I wrote my first novel I plowed ahead blindly, but now I have a serious case of knowing too much to move forward.

Every scene must have conflict. I need a three act structure. The call to adventure must be at the end of act one. Where the hell is my all-is-lost moment? I feel like a dancer so focused on learning the steps that I’ve forgotten how to dance. So today I’ve collected an eclectic group of links about reading and writing to help get the creative juices flowing again.

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  • EB Moore

    Thanks for the reminder: every scene must have a conflict (and not only in YA)

  • Lisa Birk

    Oy! I can relate!!! Sounds as if you’re this close to dancing.

  • Carol D. Gray

    I know just what you mean! Hoping a butterbeer latte will fix it all.

    • Emily

      Yes Carol, I need to try one of those lattes, and maybe sit down and write while I’m there.

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