YA Wednesday Thanksgiving Edition: Memorable Food in YA, Literary Food Moments, Yummy YA Recipes, Dauntless Chocolate Cake, Literary Food Puns

butterbeer2I spend a lot of time gazing longingly at photos of delicious dishes to make for Thanksgiving: Brussels sprouts with cranberries and hazelnuts, maple custard, something with figs or chestnuts. But when it comes down to it I always make an apple pie. I am ultimately more of a food-dreamer than a doer, and that’s fine with me. Imagined food is great. The food you read about in your favorite stories is even better.

I’ve never had Butterbeer but this “little bit like less-sickly butterscotch” drink from Harry Potter sounds tasty. Or how about the Drink Me Potion in Alice in Wonderland that has the flavor of “cherry tart, custard, pineapple, roast turkey, toffy, and hot buttered toast, all mixed up.” And of course there’s the irresistible poison apple in Snow White.

What are some of your favorite foods from novels?

  • Carol D Gray

    Always wanted to try Butterbeer and Alice’s Drink Me Potion. Thanks for the recipes and happy Thanksgiving!

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