YA Wednesday: What is YA, Who Should Read it, Who Should Write It, and YA Tips from Teens

adultThe students are back, traffic is worse, the humidity is rising, and tempers are flaring. Maybe you’re a miserable office-worker who can’t find any place to park because it’s move-in day, or a student struggling to assemble IKEA furniture for your dorm room, or a parent who can’t face dragging your teen out of bed to get to school on time, or a teen going batshit crazy because your mom set all the clocks ahead so you’d get to school on time.

No matter what your reason is for feeling stressed-out, we’d like to invite you to channel your frustrations into a lively debate about YA: who can read it, who can write it, is it the devil’s spawn, or the best thing since the invention of fried ice cream. You decide.

  • Bonnie Waltch

    Great articles, especially that last one about what teen readers are looking for now. So glad the dystopian/vampire phase is waning!

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