Dream Cast

I like to daydream about what a movie of Half in Love with Death would be like. The Arizona desert would provide a chilling backdrop for my psychological thriller set in Tucson in 1965. And I’d love to see the  neighborhoods encroaching on the desert and the jaded teens looking for anything to alleviate their boredom come to life on the big screen.

I’d cast Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper from Mad Men) as Caroline. Like Caroline, Shipka has a quiet loveliness and changes from child to sophisticate in an instant.

Zac Efron would be my choice for Tony. With his pale blue eyes and pretty-boy good looks, Efron is Tony!

Dream Cast

Kiernan Shipka as Caroline

Zac Efron as Tony

MADRID, SPAIN - MARCH 08: Actor Zac Efron attends a meeting with fans to promote "Dr. Seuss The Lorax" (Lorax. En Busca de la Trufula Perdida) at Corte Ingles store on March 8, 2012 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

Amanda Seyfried  as Jess


Logan Lerman as Billy


Krysten Ritter as Edie



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