YA Wednesday: 18 Best Book-Themed Instagram Accounts, Top 8 BookTubers, and Bronte Power Dolls



Anyone who knows me knows better than to ask me to take a picture. Many agonizing minutes later I will produce a photo that is crooked, or blurred, and the top of your head will probably be cut off. So it was with some fear and loathing that I dipped my toe into the waters of Instagram this past week. There’s a huge community of YA book lovers on Instagram, many of them teens, and I didn’t want to miss out on it.

Not sure the quality of my photos has improved, but I’m having fun getting to know Instagram a little better. Looking at all the creative ways people show their book-love makes me I feel like I’m in a book-candy store and it doesn’t stop with Instagram. There is also a vibrant community of BookTubers out there. Here are some links that will give you a taste of some book-candy.

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  • Carol D. Gray

    Thank you for explaining Booktubers, Emily. Now I don’t have to embarrass myself by asking if it’s some kind of exotic root vegetable!

  • Emily

    Haha, Carol. Root vegetable was my first thought too!

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