YA Wednesday: YA Version of The Da Vinci Code, Bookish Moments From The Gilmore Girls, YA Writing Tips, YA Character Generator

Lately I’ve been trying to decide whether to write another young adult novel or an adult one. I have a YA novel in progress, but I worry that it doesn’t sound YA enough (whatever that means). Recently though, I decided to just write the damn thing, and not be limited by expectations of what is YA or not YA.

But the debate over YA vs adult fiction is far from over. It was reignited this past week by Dan Brown’s decision to come up with a YA version of one of his novels.

My initial reaction was: you’ve got to be kidding. Here are some links that will let you decide for yourself.

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  • Stephanie Gayle

    Handcuff escape tips almost most appreciated, Emily!

  • Belle Brett

    You had me at Gilmore Girls!

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