YA Wednesday: Breaking Up With Holden Caulfield, The Perks of Being a Wallflower at 28, The Dangers of Rereading Your Favorite YA Novels, and 5 YA/Adult Novel Pairings

In bleak November when it gets dark too early and you forget what the sun looks like, it can help your mood to turn to the literary version of comfort food and read a book you’ve read before. Many of us have books we read over and over because they make us feel safe or happy or deliciously nostalgic.

But not all books stand the test of time. I recently tried to reread Wuthering Heights. When I first read it as a teen I fell in love with dark, brooding, to-die-for Heathcliff. But when I reread it I couldn’t stand Heathcliff. I couldn’t understand how Cathy could have fallen for such a cruel and abusive jerk, or for that matter how I had when I first read the book.

What YA novels do you read over and over again? Are there any that weren’t as good the second time around?

  • Carol D Gray

    I like this roundup Emily, especially since I broke up with Holden Caulfield a long time ago.

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